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Located 1.9 km from Council Square and 1.1 km from Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church, our position is advantageous for guided tours, but also for nature lovers who want a few days of relaxation and fresh air.
On request , we can organize team-building activities in the in the Solomon’s Stones area.

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Brasov Council Square

The Brașov Council Square (Piața Sfatului) obtained its right to hold markets in 1520, but it has been the place for annual markets since 1364, being visited by merchants from the country and abroad. The houses surrounding the square speak of a rich history. A pillory, in the middle of the square, was used as a means for public humiliation, punishment and scorn. Witches were also punished here, but the head of the shoemaker guild, Stefan Stenert, who opposed the entry of the Austrian army into Brașov, was also beheaded here in 1688. Till 1892 there were two wells in the square. The most important building in the square is the Council House, which was built in 1420 and is located in the middle of the square.

Today, the Council Square is the most famous and visited place of Brasov, which hosts various cultural and artistic events and outdoor concerts , a true landmark of the city.

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Solomon`s Cliffs – Poiana Brasov, “Old Road” Trail

We invite you to take a tour up in Poiana Brasov, hiking or biking, on a 600 years old trail, known as “Old Road”. You will enjoy an easy path through the forest, beautiful landscapes and interesting stories, moments of relaxation and delight.

Solomon’s Cliffs

Solomon’s Cliffs is a natural area whose territory is rich in karst geological formations of particular touristic and landscape interest. The quay is crossed by a small stream (Water Valley, forming several waterfalls and a small gorge) and a forest road that links the Șchei District of Poiana Brasov. The whole area is landscaped for relaxation, picnic, hiking, biking or climbing rocky Stones keys.

The name of these rocks comes from the legend of Hungarian King Solomon who, in fleeing his pursuers would have jumped his horse over the valley that runs through the two cliffs. The king saved himself, but his enemies fell into the abyss.

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HOF Cafe

A non-formal cafe , located in the Council Square of Brasov, the perfect place to enjoy a coffee obtained by various brew methods, a delicious tea or a refreshing lemonade. Cafe, alternative space and urban hub of Brasov, HOF is the place where you will be surrounded by books, magazines, board games and people who share your interests.

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